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Gaming Live is all about video games, eSports and interaction. We are now looking for valuable content producers and potential corporate clients, partners and advertisers who would like to bring what they have in front of a large audience of gamers, the hardest-to-reach target for advertisers. To learn more, read our offer on the pages highlighted in the footer or contact us directly. Our public beta starts in June and we aim to launch the product before the end of 2014. Join us and find all you need in one place, from news and information to pure entertainment, on Gaming Live.


Run your own TV channel for gamers. Use various tools to advertise and monetize your content effectively like never before. Start building your dedicated fanbase soon!

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Create gaming-related content and broadcast it to a wide audience craving for high-quality entertainment. Manage your videos in real-time via powerful editing tools available only on Gaming Live.

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users and clients

Thanks to our unique on-platform advertising system you will be able to invest your money effectively and reach your target audience with just a few clicks of a mouse button.

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in one place

Gaming Live provides a complete video and social networking solutions for gamers. All the news, interesting information and pure entertainment are just „few clicks away”.